I worried about whether I could afford the medical plan. Then my employer adopted a benefits plan with choices and options. I selected just what my family needed.
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Family friendly compensation plans with flexible benefits
With a growing family and many demands on our budget, my husband and I worried that we couldn't make ends meet. Our wages didn't seem to keep up. Then my employer adopted a flexible benefits plan with additional voluntary benefits that I could choose if we needed them.

That made a big difference. First, it freed up money that we used to have to spend on duplicate medical plans. Now, I can op out of my medical plan at work and use my husband's plan for our family. With the money I save on medical premiums, I can sign up for the child care plan!

I use a flexible spending account and voluntary benefits to supplement the benefits our family gets from my husband's medical plan.

I also save more now in my company's 401(k) plan. The money is adding up nicely!

We have fewer worries about college expenses for the kids now that I can take advantage of a college savings plan, too.

Sure, it's still hard for a growing family to budget. But my employer has made things easier. I'm less worried now.
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